Unique gifts for kids

We at Lucky One are a young team dedicated to creating toys to improve the physical and social development of children. While healthy development is our ultimate mission, we also understand that the most important thing when it comes to toy and vehicle design, is your child’s joy. To combine these principles, we created Lucky3in1, a unique toy that promises to bring happiness to your child, while at the same time promoting healthy growth during their most important years.

If you’re looking for a toy that fulfills the playful personality of your child, while at the same time works to build physical physical development, Lucky3in1 is for you.

Personalize your Lucky3in1!


Lucky3in1 is a perfect gift to give your child for a birthday, baptism, or for christmas, that can last for years into their childhood. To make the gift even more special, we offer an engraved wooden tablet with your child’s name written on it. This adds a personalized touch that enhances the gift and makes it even more special.