Customer testimonials

“When I almost purchase of a balance bike moved to the spring, I encountered Lucky3in1, which has two wheels and option to be transformed into the tricycle or a scooter (3in1). The most adorable feature for me is the personalized name tablet.“


“This Lucky3in1 bike is a real discovery. It doesn’t just look good, but it can also be a tricycle, a balance bike and a scooter. IM loves it and I let him ride around the house.”


“We assembled a tricycle or a brum brum, as Dražen calls it. And it’s really beautiful. He has his personalized engraved tablet. I love these little details“


“We absolutely fell in love with this bicycle! The material is beautiful, fine wood, it is good quality and you can order it with engraved personalized tabled with child’s name. My children have both started with balance bike and I think that this is amazing for balance and coordination. Amelie learned how to ride a balance bike without auxiliary wheels in two days. ”


Photo: Enja Brelih
Maja Ferme with family

“Paris Noa got Lucky3in1 at the age of two years and a half. She immediately sat down on Lucky and started to ride around in the house (laugh). I really like that product is from natural materials and that is designed modularly: that grows with the child and that can be used as tricycle, balance bike and scooter. In addition, we love the fact that the Slovenian product got the award for innovation.“


“Lucky immediately seemed to us a great product for a little ones and their development, especially since we’re both enthusiastic about the healthy lifestyle. Ula already like to sit on Lucky, even though she is too small to ride on herself. So we don’t even doubt that when she reaches the ground with her feet, she will happily ride inside and outside the appartment and show us tricks that she hides 🙂 Personalized engraved tablet is wonderful cherry on the top, because it is really meant for her and just her 🙂 “


“Do you know the feeling when the younger child gets a gift and the older one is looking like she doesn’t matter. Here jumped in @luckyonedesign and made something for both children together <3. Yeah, for now we just put on her name … because the brother anyway have enough :D”


“J is so enthusiastic about the height chart that every morning he measures himself, while  mom is drinking coffee. Now also the teddy bear started to measure himself.“


“If you follow me on Instagram, then you definitely know that Mila literally drove herself into the second year of her life. For the gift she got Lucky3in1, wooden balance bike, tricycle and scooter, which grows with the child’s development, their desires and needs, from 18 months to 5 years of age. At this moment, Mila may be too small for this wonderful and in my eyes totally stylish and innovative Slovenian product that combines three most popular bikes. But I believe that during the year, when she gets another inch, she will bravely drive around with it.”


“Our children change and grow every day, but we usually only notice this when their clothes are too small. Since we have them around us every day, we do not immediately notice any small changes.
With this personalized Lucky Chart you can not only record the growth, but also the milestones like the first day in kindergarten, the first lost tooth and the beginning of school year.
And I have a wonderful memory of these unforgettable moments.“


Lucky is the perfect gift that will really inspire your child!