The appearance at the Spielwarenmesse fair was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. We obtained financial resources from a public tender of Spirit agency.


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In January, each year in Germany, Nuremberg hosts the largest toy fair in Europe. The show is particularly attractive for all companies involved in the design or production of toys for global markets. The LuckyOne team took advantage of its opportunity in 2018 and went to its first foreign trade show.

LuckyOne is leaving for toy fair!

LuckyOne went abroad with the best innovation in 2015 with and offered the product to business partners, who would show interest in cooperation. The fair is enormous for Slovenian standards since with the visit of 70,000 visitors it represents the most extensive in Europe. The response of the visitors was very encouraging, as the company received more than 30 providers which would sell the products on his market at a reasonable price. The one-week experience came very usefully from the point of new contacts with foreign business partners, gained an approximate feel for the price policy of similar products at the fair and presented the toy on the international market.

Lucky3in1 on the international market!

Our company LuckyOne, located in the 4th most wooden country in Europe, has developed an innovative product that follows the trend of wooden toys. Lucky3in1 consists of a plywood bundle and beech massifs that allow flexibility and durability. On Wednesday, January 31st, the product, which is designed with the idea of Slovenian cultural heritage, is leaving for world’s biggest toy fair – Spielwarenmesse. Lucky3in1 will present itself among almost 3 000 other toy makers from more than 60 countries.

Wooden toys are back in the game

In a world dominated by technology and plastics, the trend of toy manufacturing returns to the traditional natural material – wood. Wooden toys are considered one of the most important elements in primary socialization as they help in the development of the cognitive abilities of the child. Wooden toys enable the development of skills and imagination and promote the integration of knowledge appropriate to real life situations.

The tradition and value of wood

Wood is an important part of our cultural heritage. This sustainable material has been used to produce various products for centuries. Due to its contribution to maintaining a healthy environment and its renewability, it is considered one of the most ecological materials. By using design, stable and sustainable materials and educational concepts, many innovators prove that natural materials are in fashion.

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