We live in time in which our toddlers have a very diverse selection of toys and enthusiasm for a toy soon followed by the child’s lack of interest in it. Yet each of us has sometimes found himself in a situation in a toy store, not knowing what would you choose and buy because today’s children are the most saturated with everything and there for quickly lose interest for the toy.


This is the way in which toys are available to parents  today and how they are committed to children. Most toys, with the exception of constructible cubes, are in the final assembled form. Which means, that when you buy a toy follows only the use of it but the reward after the process of assembly is excepted, and also the child’s participation in it. Even Lucky 3in1 would travel round the world already in assembled form. Parents should just open the package and this would be it. The team behind this multi practical toy went a step further in the direction of social utility. Its main primary   purpose was to connect parents and children and to ensure the long-term enthusiasm of children.


Lucky 3in1 consists of seven basic elements that are associated with the components which can be quickly and easily assembled and adjusted according to the child’s wishes and needs. It is, therefore, a major eco brother of LEGO s. Precisely this is an excellent opportunity to parents or adults to be more connected with children while discovering how to build any of the rides, which makes the process of assembling fun, cohesive and informative. The child can thereby be acquainted with different materials and forms, and the very principle of integration of the various parts to each other and so are also obtained on technical skills.


Above all, the most we can give to child is our free time and attention.


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