Benefit No. 1: Three in one

Lucky3in1 is a product combining 3 popular rides in a single toy. This is something you can not find on the market. The basic components are easy to combine and assemble together, making you have the ride that meets the wishes and needs of your child at any time they want.


Benefit No. 2: The price

Lucky 3in1 has a very good price, considering that combines three different rides in one toy. If we make a comparison with other balance bikes on the market, their prices range from 100 to 200€  and more, depending on the brand. And for this price you get only a balance bike. With Lucky3in1 you get a balance bike, scooter and little trike. All three for this unique price of 149,90€ !


Benefit No. 3 : Adjustable and safe

Toy have adjustable angle handlebars and seat height suitable for various ages and heights of children. Lucky 3in1 will also follow your kids until one day will not be outgrown. This means that it will participate in their first steps towards catching coordination and first solo turns. The steering wheel has a limited turning radius, which prevents the child tight corners, thereby preventing sudden falls and injuries.


Benefit No. 4 : Easy to use

A quick and fun way of dismantling and assembling the individual parts you can assemble a vehicle that meets the wishes and needs of your child. Once you have mastered how to assemble and disassemble the individual parts from one to another, it will be a very fun and fast task. That gives the child a fun and happy time to spend with his toy.

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